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Can I email or call my coach?

Yes, with our training programs the elite athlete will communicate directly with the client via email or phone calls based on which program you signed up for. Some elite athletes may also arrange for scheduled phone consultations to provide a little extra guidance and motivation as needed.

How do I pick an elite athlete to coach me?

When you sign up for the coaching program you will be asked several questions about your training goals and which elite athletes you would like to train with.

Who do I contact about scheduling a clinic or seminar for my running club or business?

Please feel free to contact us at or call 760-994-5995. We would be glad to schedule a clinic, seminar or speaking engagement for your club, school, or business.

Can one of the elite athletes pace me at my race?

We have elite athletes available for pacing at most road races. Please contact us at as soon as possible to allow advance notice and availability for elite athletes. These services book well in advance so please plan ahead and make your request as soon as possible.

How do I receive my training programs?

Infinite Running uses an online training site for workouts and emails. Once you have signed up for your training program we will give you a username and password for the website and then you can log in and record your training progress.

Why are my e-mails and phone calls limited?

We set a standard number of emails and phone calls to ensure all clients are given quality training programs. Knowing these guidelines in advance keeps good boundaries and prevents clients and athletes from abusing the policy. Our coaches and elite athletes work hard to give you the best training program and guidance possible. We make sure if you need extra or special attention it is identified immediately and you are given the right training program for you.

What topics do you offer in training camps?

Our training camps vary from a short two day camp with lectures on flexibility, nutrition and running drills to a more in depth training camp with lectures on nutrition, flexibility, strength training, recovery and rehabilitation, injury prevention, bio-mechanics, coaching/training programs. All camps include group runs with some of our elite athletes and special appearances by some of the nation's best athletes.

How is Infinite Running’s online training program different than other running programs?

Infinite Running uses many different resources to create and follow the training program tailored for each athlete. Our training program is mentored by one of our elite athletes or coaches, but behind the scenes we have dietitians, strength coaches, personal trainers, massage therapists, physical therapists, experienced run coaches, and elite athletes working together to make sure our training programs, camps, clinics and workouts are the best available.

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