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Here are a just a few of our clients' testimonials, please contact us for more info or referrals.

“Before I started with my Infinite Running coaching program, the only coaching I had was from a program I found online.

With Peter Gilmore's expertise and guidance, I surpassed all my training goals and easily reached the race goal that Peter predicted for me based on the progress of my training.  He was always available to "tweak" my training program, not only week-to-week, but also day-to-day if something came up.

I ran a huge PR (3:40:25) which beat my previous PR by 19:20 at the CIM Marathon in December!  Now I believe I have a shot at qualifying for the Boston Marathon, which I thought was just a pipe dream before my training with Peter and Infinite Running!”

Tim Regan
New York, New York

“I was a swimmer in college, so I didn't start running until later in life.
For a few years, I tried running on my own, but just didn't know anything
about proper training so I saw very few improvements.  I felt I should get a
coach to help me with my workouts. .  Two years ago, I hired a coach who
came highly recommended.  I improved a little, but I wasn't progressing very
fast and the workouts and races still felt hard.  I realized what a
difference quality coaching makes when I started working with Dr. Jack
Daniels and Peter Gilmore from Infinite Running in 2009.  Peter has been my
coach now for the past year and with his great coaching abilities, I have
seen my times drop dramatically.  In one year, I have established new PR's
in the 5K, 10K, half-marathon and marathon.   In May 2009, I lowered my
marathon PR to 3:34!  In October of the same year, I ran another big PR -
3:23 at the Marine Corps Marathon!   Having a true running expert as a coach
makes a great difference.  Thank you Peter and Infinite Running!!!!”

Susan Coleman
Hermosa Beach, California

"Thank you Infinite Running!  I had never used a coach before.  This is my first experience and I am very pleased!  I can see now that it was easier to reach my running goals by following a professionally designed program (with help from Peter along the way)."

Lise Herrera
San Diego, California

“Prior to working with Peter Gilmore and Infinite Running in January 2010, I had completed four marathons - all under 5:30.  I decided to use a coaching program to reach my goal of a sub-5:00 marathon in June at Rock-n-Roll San Diego.
I was amazed!  Within the first three weeks of my training program, I had already improved.   I was no longer in the "back of the pack" or just satisfied with finishing each race and/or long run.  With Peter's guidance, my pace is now 2:00 - 2:30 faster than before and I am not exhausted at all.  
I will definitely be back for a new coaching program after this Rock N Roll Marathon!  Thank you!”

Jesu-Christina Claridad
San Diego,California

"I had heard of Infinite Running through the San Diego Track Club and really liked the idea of a personalized plan with my own potential and goals in mind. Peter Gilmore’s bio is clearly impressive and I didn’t feel like I had anything to lose. Turns out it was one of the best decisions I have made as a runner!  Peter looked at my running history, understood my goals and put together a 12 week plan that was spot on. I travel for work, so I would send him my travel schedule and he would customize the plan with treadmill workouts as needed. He would send a weekly email recapping the week with great feedback and encouragement. I can't say enough nice things about this training plan!"

Teresa Marie Howes
San Diego, CA

"I’ve been a self-coached runner most of my life. In all the years of racing, I’d never had the confidence to shoot for a full marathon. The one time I attempted to train, I suffered from an overuse injury that put me out of commission for weeks.

In 2010 I began working with Peter Gilmore, setting a goal to complete my first 26.2 with a respectable finish. Peter laid out a reasonable but challenging plan week-by-week. He incorporated speed work, something new, which took me to a higher level.

With Peter’s consistent support and responsiveness, I was able to safely ramp up to race day. I finished the Twin Cities Marathon in October 2010 and surpassed my goal, allowing me to qualify for Boston 2011!

Infinite Running has allowed me to meet and exceed my goal – I’m looking forward to Heartbreak Hill!"

Mary Schmitz

“After 15 years of competitive mountain biking and multi-sport racing, I switched to running in 2006. I was self-coached and did my track workouts with the SDTC Tuesday night group. Training went well and I ran a marathon PR last June at the San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon (2:43:47).

Rob Hill heard I was planning to run a Spring marathon and told me about the Infinite Running marathon training program. Last November, I started working with Peter Gilmore. Peter sent weekly training schedules for a January half-marathon with plans to move on to marathon training after that. I was amazed when I ran a five minute PR at the Carlsbad Half Marathon (1:14:21)!

During the training, I never felt like I was working out any harder than I had been in the past. My workouts were more structured and specific to my goals. My goal for this Spring marathon is 2:35 and I am confident that Peter's coaching will get me there! Thank you Infinite Running!”

John Armour
San Diego, CA


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